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Welcome to Directing the Hero film and video production guide.  Our team has benefited from some great experiences, have learned on some rickety equipment and finally advanced to being able to consult on some of the best known tv and movies with the top of the line equipment.  We are not here to tell you that film making is easy, but we are here to tell you that you can make a living from it and you have just as good a shot at the big time as any other aspiring maker of film and of television.  Our award winning documentaries can be found as YouTube videos online and you can also find our director’s blog on this site.  We hope that we can give you some deeper insight into the world of film making and we look forward to discussing the industry with you.

Modern Television and Story Arcs

Eighth Season Recap

It is very hard for any show when one of its main characters departs. It is even harder when the departed character is one of the popular and major characters on the show. Some shows did not recover from the departure of their main characters such as The X Files and Designing Women.

As The Office was heading to the season finale of its 7th season, Michael Scott departed and went to Colorado in order to marry Holly Flax, played by Amy Ryan. As his replacement, Andy Bernard, played by Ed Helms came to take his place at the office. The events of the 8th season of the show are themed around Andy’s adaptation in the office following his promotion and at the same time, trying to balance his time between his job and personal life. The eighth season also followed CEO Robert California who is played by James Spader who has a very eccentric and forceful personality. After convincing Sabre to give him the job, he decided to stay at the office instead of going to Tallahassee to unsettle the employees at the office at Scranton. Due to the pregnancy of Jenna Fisher in real life, a baby story is thrown into the mix and viewers had to watch the 8th season without Michael and without Pam as well. Still, the major storyline was all about Andy’s performance and his adaptation in his new position replacing Michael. Andy is interesting and he managed to prove that he can fill Michael’s spot without making it feels forced.

Dwight Schrute, who is played by Rainn Wilson who is anti social with nihilistic character who is one of the popular and breakout characters of the show is basically single handedly doing the comedic lifting in The Office following the departure of Carrell.

Dwight Schrute is a very twisted sneaky character who is trying to control the office but after the departure of Michael, Dwight Schrute does not have any one to be loyal to and during the 8th season, his alienating characters started to consume him.

These are only some of the major storylines that were present during the 8th season of the show.

Ninth Season News

As for the upcoming 9th season, it is set to premier its first episode on the 20th of September. It is also set to be the show’s last season. This was stated by the exec producer of the show, Greg Daniels. He stated that the amazing comedy show is going to end in a very exciting fashion when the ninth season concludes in May.

He also added that all of the questions that are asked and wondered about by the audience will be answered in this season. One of these questions is the one that has been confusing a lot of people, the identity behind the documentary that is ruining the paper hustlers’ lives. He also teased the audience by saying that some people will re-appear on the show’s last season but he refused to give out any names.